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Charter The Berkshires is a fishing guide service that provides a wide variety of award-winning fishing trips and outdoor experiences in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. This popular vacation destination has many lakes, streams, and rivers that provide great year-round fishing opportunities and beautiful natural scenery.

Ice Fishing Trips

Have you been looking for a new way to approach fishing? A way to take your love of fishing and make it a year-round activity? Ice fishing is a group and family-friendly way to experience the beauty of winter while enjoying some of the best fishing available. Join Charter The Berkshires on the ice and you will be shown the finer points of locating and catching a wide variety of species including Pike, Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, White Perch, and a wide mic of other panfish. Both Tip-Up style and full view Jigging Shanties will be used to ensure the highest quality fish available. We use ice shanties for jigging, and to offer some protection from the elements. Check out the package options and find the right trip for your group.

Float and Boat Trips

Do you like standing and chucking streamers all day, the precision presentation and control a boat provides when nymphing or casting dries, or the ability to cover miles of river in a day? We’ve got you covered. Our float trips are designed to get you fishing in the skinniest water around, in valleys too steep and far to hike, and too deep to wade. Our 13′ Stealthcraft Sniper provides a more stable casting platform and more comfortable ride than a raft allowing you to focus on fishing and the beautiful wilderness around you.

Wade Fly Fishing Trips

Wading trips are designed to help you become a better fly fisherman after just one day on the water. I have found there is no better way to learn the finer points of fly fishing than by doing it. With the great rivers that are in Western Massachusetts, you will learn how to better read the water, determine fish activity, make the most effective fly selection, and to best present the fly to increase your chances of success.

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